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Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
  • Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
  • Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
  • Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
  • Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
  • Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
  • Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
  • Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
  • Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot
PP Injection Self Watering Flower Pot

Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot

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This round flower pot is very suitable for planting small fortune trees. The round shape represents fortune. It is very suitable for cash registers or dining tables. It can also be used to plant money grass, cycads, spring feathers, cactus, small green dill, gardenia, small grass flowers, clusters of clusters are extremely beautiful! It can also be used to grow succulents, which can be used by children to diy to develop children's imagination and hands-on ability. It can be placed in the living room, study room, reception desk, desk, meeting room center and other scenes. It can add greenery and interest to your life, making your life richer and healthier!
The round flower pot is composed of a single pot and a base. The bottom of the pot has many small holes for ventilation and water absorption. The roots can be extended in many ways and grow quickly. It is different from other round garden pots in that it does not have a water level gauge. As you can see in the photo, the small transparent window is used to observe the amount of water. The base is used to store water. If the excess water is left in the base, it will be drained. Store it, and when the plants are short of water, the water at the bottom will evaporate to replenish water. Another better picture is that after the plant has been grown for 3 months, it will grow a lot of roots, and it will absorb water when it climbs to the bottom, and the plant will grow well. So our round flower pot is different from ordinary ceramic pots and glass pots, our idea is that plants can have enough space to grow, and can also be separated from human care for 15-20 days, so we can also call it "lazy flower pot"! It is the most popular simple round flower pot at present, so that every little white can manipulate it freely.
Size: 18*18*16
material: Plastic pp
Regarding logistics: Round flower pots are very light, not fragile, and can be stacked in large quantities, thereby maximizing the number of boxes in your cabinet, allowing you to earn several times more money than ceramic and glass flower pots with one cabinet. This is our common wish!
About customization: Both the carton and the product, you can give us your brand logo or the color you need, and we will complete the task. Of course, if you need a round flower pot, you can also send us the drawings and we will develop new abrasive tools. Support OEM and ODM.
This round flower pot is very popular. If you are willing to give us a chance, we will give the best quality and the best service team.

Top/bottom diameter/height 18/18/16cm
material Plastic pp
Carton size 74*37*52.5cm
Gw/ctn 11.08kgs
Pcs/ctn 32pcs
Finishing Not coated
logo Customized logo acceptable
Place of origin Zhejiang,China
moq 10pcs
payment 30%deposit 70%before Shipment/ T/T


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Colour Display

  • Rattan black

  • Rattan coffee

  • Rattan white

  • Green

  • Purple

  • Pink

  • Winered

  • Red

  • MilkTea

  • White

  • Smokygray

  • Golden

  • Black

  • Coffee

  • Ceblue

Packing Show

  • 1.pasted on labels.

  • 2.with pearl wool around the goods.

  • 3.polybag around the goods.

  • 4.if the product is squarewe will put into Corner.

  • 5.Put into export carton.

  • 6.Bound with four plastic belts.

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Taizhou Jiesheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 2018, is a professional research and development, manufacturing and sales of flower pots.The company is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and has a soilless cultivation base in Jinhua Yiwu. Our company has injection molding equipment and blow molding machine of various specifications ranging from 300g to 8000g, and nearly 300 sets of flowerpot molds, which can produce various types of self-absorbing flowerpots of different specifications and styles.

As a Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot suppliers and Model 1816 pp injection round flower pot company, Our company's brand Yizhitang, with direct plastic, paint brush, paint baking, sandblasting series of flower POTS, not only with the traditional automatic watering flower pot function, but also 360° air permeability, so that the roots of plants can take a deep breath.Put an end to the traditional self-absorption flowerpot breathable, smelly water, root rot and other phenomena.Once the flower pot is pushed into the market, it is highly recognized by all sectors and customers.

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