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Taizhou Jiesheng Plastic Co., Ltd.

We are a professional research and development, manufacturing and sales of flower pots.The company is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and has a soilless cultivation base in Jinhua Yiwu. As a professional

plastic flower pot manufacturers and suppliers

, Our company has injection molding equipment and blow molding machine of various specifications ranging from 300g to 8000g,and nearly 300 sets of flowerpot molds, which can produce various types of self-absorbing flowerpots of different specifications and styles.
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We have our own R&D team to support customization.


Sufficient machinery and equipment, strong production capacity.


We are a production and trade company, factory direct sales, inexpensive.


Rich export experience, mainly exported to Europe and America and other countries.

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Intelligent Automatic Watering Planter

Automatic irrigation systems promote plant root respiration better absorption of water and nutrie nts

Water Level Indicator Scaledisplay Display

The water level indicator can effectively control the bottom water storage, simulating the natural

Automatic Watering Planter

When meeting the water needs of plants
It is very important for the normal survival of the plant body
Plants need water just like we humans need to drink water

Water Injection Port Design

Add water to red MAX scale Plants can survive on water retention
for up to two months

Bottom Pulley

The bottom of the product is equipped with pulleys, just push it, no
need to waste effort to carry

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