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The surface of the paint self watering flower pot is relatively bright. After injection molding, it is first sprayed with primer, then topcoat, and finally made of varnish. The lacquer self-absorbent flowerpot looks very textured and belongs to the middle and high-end products. The flower pots are all composed of an inner pot and an outer pot and a water level gauge. The water volume can be controlled according to the water level gauge. The gap between the inner and outer pots is very suitable for plant roots to breathe, and the water is not easy to leak, replacing the previous flower pots. Heavy, bottomed Support, easy to leak design. more and more popular with the public.

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Taizhou Jiesheng Plastic Co.,Ltd.

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Taizhou Jiesheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2018. The company is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang. It is a professional OEM Paint Self Watering Planter Manufacturers and paint self watering flower pot Factory. Our company has a soilless cultivation base in Yiwu, Jinhua. With injection molding equipment and blow molding machines of various specifications from 300g to 8000g, and nearly 300 sets of flowerpot molds, it can produce self-suction flowerpots of various specifications and styles.
Our company's brand Yizhitang, direct molding, painting, baking varnish, and sandblasting series flowerpots, not only have the function of automatic watering of traditional flowerpots, but also 360° ventilation, allowing the roots of plants to breathe deeply. Put an end to the traditional self-priming flowerpots. , smelly water, rotten roots and other phenomena. Once the flowerpot was introduced to the market, it has been highly recognized by all walks of life and customers. We are specialized in Wholesale Paint Self Watering Planter, will accept OEM based on MOQ.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

What is a paint self-watering flower pot
A paint self-watering flower pot is a type of flower pot that is designed to water the plant automatically using a reservoir of water that is stored beneath the soil. The pot usually has two parts: a container for the plant and soil, and a separate reservoir for water. The two parts are connected by a wick, which allows the water to be drawn up into the soil as needed.
The pot is called "self-watering" because it can provide moisture to the plant without the need for frequent watering by the owner. This can be especially helpful for those who may forget to water their plants regularly or for plants that require consistent moisture levels to thrive.
The term "paint" in "paint self-watering flower pot" likely refers to the decorative finish or design on the pot, which may include a painted or coated surface to enhance its appearance.

Advantages of Paint Self Watering Plastic Plant Pots
1. Automatic watering: The self-watering feature of these pots ensures that your plants receive a consistent supply of water, which is especially useful for busy individuals who may not have time to water their plants regularly. This feature also ensures that your plants are not overwatered or underwatered, as the pot provides just the right amount of water to the soil.
2. Better plant growth: These pots provide an optimal environment for plant growth. The self-watering feature ensures that the soil stays moist, which helps plants grow faster and healthier. Additionally, the plastic material of the pots helps retain moisture, creating a more humid environment around the plant.
3. Cost-effective: Paint self-watering plastic plant pots are generally more cost-effective compared to other types of plant pots such as ceramic or clay pots. They are also more durable, and you can use them for a longer period, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.
4. Easy to maintain: These pots are relatively easy to maintain, as they require less frequent watering, and they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Additionally, the plastic material is lightweight, making it easy to move the pots around and reposition them.
5.Aesthetically pleasing: The paint finish on these pots adds an aesthetic value to the overall appearance of your plants, making them a great option for decorating your home or office space. These pots come in a wide variety of colors and designs, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.